• former NFL Athlete
  • New Orleans Saints 2002 – 2005
  • Cleveland Browns 2006 – 2007
  • 2 time NFL Pro-Bowler
  • Ohio State University Hall of Famer
  • Leading authority in Oline Performance Training
  • works up to 30 NFL offensive linemen each season
  • Division 1 College consultant
  • Play USA consultant
  • founder and inventor of LB Design Tools
  • the worlds leading place especially for offensive line training
  • off-season training with 30 NFL and College pro-athletes
  • inn-season work outs
  • unique technique drills
  • nutrition guidance for o-line athletes
  • full body treatments by physiotherapists
  • practice and game-tape analysis
  • coaches & entrepreneur clinics


  • New York Jets 2011-2012
  • Chicago Bears 2013-2014
  • Detroit Lions 2015
  • Arizona Cardinals 2016
  • Chicago Bears 2017
  • OLP Coach


There are 50 years of offensive line player and coaching experience behind the name of #LLP.

Raphael Llanos Farfan and Erol Seval came up with an unique idea of changing german football with new training methods and founded #LLP. The main focus is the athlete himself and to specifically develop his potential and to built up his strengths and eliminate the weaknesses.

The first winter off season program started last year in November and developed 16 players from six different teams for the german football season 2017.

It has never been done before, bringing players from different teams together to work on one common goal, to become the best offensive line player possible!